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Registering is the first simple step to helping your employees save for their future and is required by December 31. You’ll need your unique Access Code that was sent to you and your Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) to begin.

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MarylandSaves can help your business and employees thrive

MarylandSaves is Maryland’s state-sponsored workplace retirement savings program. It gives businesses like yours an easy way to help employees save for the future, and it benefits you, too: You get an innovative employee benefit at no charge, and you’ll save $300 on April 15th.

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Already offer a retirement plan?

MarylandSaves was created for employers that don’t currently offer a qualified retirement savings plan for their staff. If you already offer one, use your unique Access Code and EIN to certify your exemption and claim your annual report fee waiver.

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If your business has not received an Access Code, you can still certify your exemption and claim your waiver here.

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How MarylandSaves helps your business

  • It helps you attract and retain employees. Most small businesses don’t offer retirement savings – and almost none offer emergency savings.

  • It's easy to set up. It lets you focus on your business, with no complex administration and easy integration with your payroll process.

  • There’s no charge to you – it’s FREE – and there are no employer contributions.

  • You’ll save $300 on April 15th. Every year that you and your employees are enrolled, the Maryland Department of Assessment and Taxation will waive its $300 annual report filing fee.

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