Control your
financial future.

Welcome to MarylandSaves. The easy way to save for retirement.

MarylandSaves is a new retirement savings program, created by Governor Hogan and the Maryland Legislature. Here in Maryland, nearly one million private-sector employees have no employer-sponsored retirement savings plan. MarylandSaves was created to meet this urgent need. With MarylandSaves, employers can help their employees save for retirement in a convenient Roth IRA — what we call a WorkLife Account — that they can take with them even if they change or leave their job. It’s a seamless way to help Maryland employees save and plan for the future. The Program is governed by the Maryland Small Business Retirement Savings Program.

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Registration is open to all eligible employers. Register now to help your employees save and plan for their future.


Make an investment in your future. MarylandSaves is a flexible and secure way to save and plan for what’s ahead, even if you're self-employed.

Great benefits to help you succeed


  • No cost for employers

  • Getting started is fast, easy, and secure

  • Works seamlessly with any payroll process

  • Stay competitive by offering a great benefit to your employees

  • $300 waived state annual report filing fee


  • It’s your money — if you change jobs, your money and your account go with you

  • Secure, simple way to save for retirement

  • Flexible contribution levels to meet your needs

  • It’s voluntary — stay enrolled automatically or opt out and re-enroll later

  • Automatically save your first $1,000 in our emergency savings feature

Financial security is a growing concern!

51% of Americans have increased concern about their retirement due to the COVID-19 pandemic.1


1. Bond, Tyler, et al. “Retirement Insecurity 2021: Americans' Views of Retirement.” National Institute on Retirement Security, 26 Feb. 2021,